Saturday, August 14, 2010

Does it Make Sense to Brew Your Own Beer?

Making beer is a casual hobby for some and an intense passion for others. For those who don't make their own beer, it can seem like it is an expensive hobby that doesn't end up saving money on beer. Here are some great reasons to make your own beer anyway:


As with Any Hobby, Home Beermaking Can Be Expensive and Time-Consuming

I have made my own beer since I was 19 years old (yes, I come from a place where that was the legal drinking age). I fell in love with the beers of The British Isles and the continent and turned to making my own when I couldn't find many of my favorites back home.

But does it really make sense to brew your own beer, especially in the United States where commercial beer is so cheap? I think it does and, as a beer lover, I think you will too. Here are five reasons why your own beer will be better than anything you can buy in the store.